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Kickstart Your Nano Canister Filter

I recently setup my UNS 30C using a canister filter. Since my BioMaster Thermo 250 has been working great with my UNS 60U, I purchased the OASE FiltoSmart Thermo 100 for my cube. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near as user… Continue Reading →

Simplify Lily Pipe Cleaning with Double Taps

Cleaning the lily pipes can become a watery mess without some of the tips I’ve implemented in my setup. I have my lily pipe hosing routed into my cabinet with multiple ways to shutoff the water to make disconnecting them… Continue Reading →

Going Black

After many attempts to get ahead of the algae with little progress, I have done a complete blackout.   I did a 4 day blackout after a thorough cleaning. The before and after pictures above don’t do it justice. The… Continue Reading →

Moral Support

Dealing with hair algae breakouts in the aquascape. Tried reducing the lights which may have slowed it down but not really. Tried reducing C02 with little effect. Also stopped dosing fertilizer thinking the grass and moss don’t actually use it…. Continue Reading →

Iwagumi Pearling

Some nice pearling from the plants. The Iwagumi Slope continues to fill in; although, my battle with the hair algae is ongoing… luckily it kinda fits into the grassy slope vibe I have been going for – inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Iwagumi Chillaxin

Addy, the aquascaping cat, just chill… relaxing with a view of the Iwagumi Slope tank. The plants have been doing great so far. The hair grass is filling in on the slope and the moss is going crazy! The flow… Continue Reading →

Cleanup Crew

The Iwagumi Slope has it’s grassy field growing in nicely… along with the inescapable algae that seems to come with ‘lightly’ planted aquascapes. I was going to start adding in fish with a cleanup crew anyways so hopefully some Otocinclus… Continue Reading →

Grassy Slope Startup

After a month of fishless cycling, I was ready to plant the ‘Iwagumi’ Slope. Note that the ADA substrate leaches ALOT of ammonia so its recommended to wait on planting certain tissue cultures. I used Eleocharis Acicularis Mini from Tropica… Continue Reading →

The Build

The aquascape build involved some substrate support scaffolding since I wanted to do a scape that would look nice from multiple angles with the primary view being at an angled front right perspective. Hence my attempt at a layout with… Continue Reading →

Aquascape Technology

I’m using a ‘high tech’ or ‘high energy’ setup for my first aquascape so I started by getting everything in place before hooking all the tech together. Along with the UNS 60U Ultra Clear Rimless Aquarium I showed in my… Continue Reading →

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